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RLX Ralph Lauren - Series has been replaced , was interrupted by a series of POLO SPORT . Polo brand has launched a series of integrated professional divers in the main direction of advancement in life. Sport for inspiration for design professionals for other accessories , such as the design of sportswear, only two or three years because of the high sportswear for a stable share of the market and have a complete brand line created . RLX stressed especially in-depth study of the fabric on the dress , the use of high technology, the external shape , looking for a simple , clean, with an emphasis on movement of functionality and comfort , price , Nike, Adidas sports public class brands can not keep up .

Ralph R; Lauren polo retro between sets. American Retro - style is perfect for interpretations. Coming from the line in the middle of the 80 men POLO retro, which was interrupted by an unknown . Back in production last year, show the passion of the original , traditional American style . Under the influence of a generation of men in all types of clothing . Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Classic in origin. Wash men called value 10 points ( Polo Shirt Polo, Armani suit in this column ) Retro - occurs style Double R . Classic Start here . All series of products DOUBLE RL is the old sink, which is an old style retro + men men deserve praise . I have not seen any imitations RRL .

Polo Ralph Lauren for women in society. Which black label bestseller is blue in Contract , divided . Counter China Blue Label series all women polo RL. The prices are reasonable. But his high Black Label series of products. Leave collection series before last year , was one of the most expensive women POLO . Take a t-shirt , usually at $ 200 or less favorable. And the products , the most luxurious cashmere .

Ralph Lauren and Polo Ralph Lauren brand

The brand has been launched in 1967 to life than Ralph Lauren Ralph Lifshitz was born , got a $ 50,000 loan and started a line of men 's ties . Before starting Ralph Lauren , he worked for Datrian riser. By 1969 he had a boutique store vnutriManhetten Store Bloomingdales . Around the same time he published a number of women's suits that were given in the classic men's style , which was when the first Polo emblem was seen. It was on the cuff of the women's suit . In 1971, Polo Ralph Lauren launched its first women's collection and his first standalone store in Beverly Hills, California. Ten years later , in 1981, the brand has gone with its first international store on London's New Bond Street the world. Polo Sport line was introduced in 1993 . The initial public offering in 1997. By 2007 Ralph Lauren had over 35 boutiques in the United States.

Since Ralph Lauren 's first brand , Polo, was launched in 1967 , the company has expanded to include a variety of brands . These include men's lines Purple Label (1994 started) , Black Label , Blue Label , Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo Jeans , Polo Golf , Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Rugby ( started in 2004 ) , and women's lines Collection, Black Label , Blue Label ( in 2002) , Lauren Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Golf ( launched in 1998 ) and Lauren Jeans Co.

Ralph Lauren never said that. . Has grown " What began 40 years ago with a collection of links to a worldwide revision of American style , Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products , making worlds and inviting people to participate in our dreams We were innovators lifestyle advertisements that a to tell the story before likely to participate traders to encourage customers to create in this life . takes this participation to a new level , as a rich and exciting interactive destination. When you are online in the world of Ralph Lauren transported , you can for great products to buy for yourself and your home , learn about adventure, style and culture in RL Magazine and RL TV, find one-of- a-kind vintage pieces and exquisite gifts and much much more more . However, when it started, I was sure that there are no limits. I am sure that more of today! "

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Ralph Lauren tracksuits is quite well liked across the globe, and this is actually no big surprise as Ralph lauren has become a major name within the fashion business. The RL mens fragrance assortment is composed of the Red, White 'n' Blue, Purple Labeled, Explorer, Double Black, Polo Blue, Romance, Silver, Polo, Polo Sport and of course Safari. The RL women's perfume collection is composed of the Romance, Love, Notorious, Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts and Lauren Classic. Several of these fragrances and perfumes are beloved by millions of men and women!

For males – The Red, White 'n' Blue is a fresh scent that delivers genuine power, instant dynamics along with freshness. The Purple Label really is a refreshing, tailored oriental fragrance product that integrates the clarity of fresh blackberry and the warmth of tobacco flower together with the opulence of abundant woods and smooth suedes. The Double Black is a daring, strong and seductive fragrance that mixes spiced mango with nutmeg-infused espreso as well as the warmness of spiced woods.

The Explorer really is a fragrance influenced by lifestyle with no limitations which combines the freshness of a Hawaii water fall together with the smokiness of Aussie sandal wood with the friendliness of amber from the Northern Sea. On the other hand, the Polo Blue really is a fragrance product that offers a different description of everyday elegance through the liberty of the sky and also the power of the open seas. The Romance is a fantastic fragrance product which integrates crisp, cool freshness, unusual spices along with sexy spice.

Ralph Lauren for women – The Romances is a new fragrance for the summer season, which is going to enable you break free to a romantic getaway with a luxurious, new fruity floral. The Love is a real treasure amongst womens perfumes, a great floral blend which features nice gold amber, creamy sandal wood as well as Tibetan goji berry. The Notorious is actually a scent that calmly commands the interest of the area, an obsessive gleaming spiced perfume formulated to captivate with exciting notes of great black currant, self-indulgent chocolate cosmos as well as delicate patchuli musk.

The Ralph Lauren uk is actually an eau de toilete that catches the energy, nature and character of today's young women with a colourful, flowered perfume. The Polo Sports is a stylish, delicate fragrance product using a body-conscious skin health and fitness line. This kind of scent brings together the power, splendor and mindset of today's women. Finally, the Lauren Classic can be described as classic, stylish and vintage eau de toilette, a light bouquet of green florals warmed with abundant woods and also spices.